Permanency Support Program (PSP)

KARI is a Permanency Support Program (PSP) Providing Case Work Assistance to Aboriginal children, families and communities.

Case management services are varied and complex, KARI have developed a unique model providing end to end service to our clients. KARI’s Permanency Support Program provides the following programs/services:

  • Family Preservation
  • Restoration
  • Relative Kinship Care
  • Out of Home Care
  • Leaving Care

Family Preservation

KARI’s Family Preservation program works collaboratively with vulnerable Aboriginal families to reduce risk and keep children safe and at home.


KARI supports Aboriginal families who have entered the care and protection system to actively work towards restoration and reunification to their parents.

Relative Kinship Care

KARI respect that children are best placed with extended family. We have a large team of Relative Kinship Carers who care for children who are unable to live at home. This model maintains connections and a strong sense of identity in our children.

Out of Home Care

KARI’s Aboriginal Out of Home Care program assists young people with varied requirements. Although some young people only require short-term placement support, other young people need a long-term home. KARI have developed a unique Out of Home Care model that provides individualised support to each child. KARI’s trained staff and network of Carers ensure its delivery.  Aboriginal culture plays a significant role and is at the forefront of the care and development of the children and young people we support.

Leaving Care

KARI’s Leaving Care Program supports Aboriginal young people in care from the age of 15.

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