Out-of-Home Care

KARI’s Out-of-Home Care (OOHC) services support Aboriginal children and young people under the age of 18 who are unable to live at home with their parents.

KARI’s Aboriginal Out-of-Home Care program assists young people with varied requirements. Although some young people only require short-term foster support, other young people need a long-term foster family arrangement.

Our young people range from those with low-support requirements through to those with more complex needs. A young person’s needs are shaped by the life experiences sustained prior to entering an Out-of-Home Care situation.

Care requirements vary in complexity for children and young people in foster care. So, too, do our support strategies. Our Out-of-Home Care program achieves this through individualised assessment while employing strategies for prevention, transition and multidisciplinary development.

KARI have a developed a unique Out-of-Home Care model. Specifically aimed to individualise a full case management service to each of our young people, KARI’s fully trained staff and network of foster carers ensure its delivery.

We ensure that Aboriginal culture plays a significant role. Culture is at the forefront of the care and development of the children and young people we support. To help our foster carers do their best, we facilitate training opportunities and provide respite care. In addition, we recognise their service with awards and offer social and community events throughout the year.