Parenting Programs

KARI’s parenting programs bring local parents together to share skills, stories and help strengthen the bond between parent and child.

Mother and Children’s Camp

The Mother and Children’s Camp gives mothers in the community the chance to come together, share stories, take part in activities, learn new parenting skills and ultimately strengthen their relationship with their children. The camp is run by a trained member of the KARI team and offers evidence-based parenting programs, including PPP and Circle of Security, to improve the bond between mother and child.

Father and Son’s Camp

The Father and Son’s Camp gives fathers and sons the chance to build on their relationship in a culturally appropriate way. Held over a weekend, the camp is hosted by a member of the KARI team who helps fathers to discuss parenting issues, as well as find ways to develop a stronger bond with their children. The weekend includes opportunities to take part in a range of activities created to strengthen the relationship between father and son, as well as evidence-based parenting programs like PPP and Circle of Security.

Other Programs

In addition to our family camps, our team also connects with key partners to hold term-based parenting programs, including evidence based-programs like MoneyMinded, Triple P and Circle of Security.


Aboriginal PPP program: The Positive Parenting Program aims to make parenting easier – helping parents understand how children grow, how to teach them right from wrong and help them develop respect to enjoy positive family relationships.

Circle of Security

Circle of Security focuses on developing strong parental relationships to offer children emotional support. While most parents recognise when children need help to manage their behaviour, the idea that children may need help understanding their feelings is new to many. When children feel overwhelmed, this early intervention program teaches parents how to help them cope with strong feelings, since they’re often too young to manage alone.


Developed by ANZ in consultation with government stakeholders, education experts and the community, MoneyMinded is an adult financial education program designed to improve your money management skills. Whether you’re looking to create a budget, reduce your debt or start saving, there’s activity here to help you.

To find out when these programs are running, please refer to our What’s On page.