The Brighter Futures Program

Does your young family need support and advice? The Brighter Futures team is here to help.

The Brighter Futures program offers vulnerable families with children aged 0-9 years, and families expecting a child, with support and resources to help prevent the escalation of emergency child protection services.

Volunteers provide the parents with the skills and understanding they need to create a healthy environment in which the children can be happy and thrive.


Am I eligible?

If you have at least one vulnerability that will directly impact your ability to care for your child/children, or will affect their wellbeing, then you are eligible to take part in the program.

Vulnerabilities include:

  • Lack of parenting skills or inadequate supervision.
  • Parents with significant learning or intellectual disabilities.
  • Domestic and family violence.
  • Parent mental health issues.
  • Drug or alcohol misuse.

To be eligible for KARI’s Brighter Futures program, children within the family need to be of Aboriginal descent.

Support and Services

Everyone who takes part in KARI’s Bright Futures program is paired with a dedicated family support officer to guide them along the way. The program offers ongoing support in the following ways:

  • Case Management: Your family support officer will work with you for up to 12 months and offer guidance and support when required, such as making relevant referrals, attending and coordinating appointments.
  • Home visits: Your family support officer will regularly visit you at home to support you with a range of services including parenting strategies, advice and guidance.
  • Support with accessing childcare.
  • Provides a direct entry point to the KARI multidisciplinary playgroup.
  • Delivers parenting programs in both a one-on-one and group environment.

Core principles

The program’s success is based on the following core principles:

Voluntary Participation

Taking part in the program is voluntary, empowering families to accept responsibility for the decision-making process in their lives.

Strength-based Approach

The program recognises, fosters and builds on people’s existing capacities and competencies within their family. It offers a strength-based approach to encourage motivation and achieve long-term change.


A child-centred approach means the focus is targeted on the outcome of the children.


While the services provided are child-focused, they also seek to support parents and families to further develop their ability to nurture their children. The services also offer flexibility and are tailored to the individual needs of each family.

Integrated Service Delivery

All families who take part in the program can access a number of different support services in the one place – promoting efficient service provision, while reducing the complexity of numerous service providers for the family.


The Brighter Futures team hosts four group-based parenting programs throughout the year, with a different program offered each school term. The program runs for eight weeks out of the school term and child minding is available for parents who are taking part.

Programs include, but are not limited to:


Aboriginal Triple P program: The Positive Parenting Program aims to make parenting easier – helping parents understand how children grow, how to teach them right from wrong and help them develop respect to enjoy positive family relationships.

Circle of Security

Circle of Security focuses on developing strong parental relationships to offer children emotional support. While most parents recognise when children need help to manage their behaviour, the idea that children may need help understanding their feelings is new to many. When children feel overwhelmed, this early intervention program teaches parents how to help them cope with strong feelings, since they’re often too young to manage alone.

In addition to the above programs, we also design and deliver parenting programs based on the individual needs of current clients.

Family Camp

Every year, the Brighter Futures team runs a three-day family camp. The adventure aims to deliver a culturally-rich range of experiences for the whole family to enjoy. The families taking part get the chance to develop friendships, while sharing parenting skills and strategies.

Vacation Care

During the school holidays, the Brighter Futures team offers vacation care programs for children between the ages of five and sixteen. Designed to support children’s learning during the school break, the program gives kids the chance to develop supportive relationships with their peers, while having fun.

Christmas Party

The Brighter Futures team hosts an annual Christmas party and all Brighter Futures families are invited to attend.


“KARI’s Brighter Futures program is a resourceful program that’s great for everyone. It’s also a great environment to do courses, brush up on parenting skills and meet new people. I have just completed a course called Triple P and have just started a second course. I would recommend these courses to everyone. The team at KARI are also ready to stand by and listen if you have any personal issues to discuss.” – Shana

“Before KARI, the kids were constantly saying they were caged in and scared about losing their house. Now they’ve never been happier, they always get to participate in the programs KARI offers (surfing, swimming and parties). There is always someone on hand to talk to if I’m feeling down and out and worried about anything. I’ve been given help for furniture, such as beds for the kids. The best thing I have done is getting involved with Brighter Futures, there is never a day I look back at my old life, and without their help I wouldn’t be where I am today.” – Kelly

How to apply

If you’d like to register for KARI’s Brighter Futures program, or if you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact our Administration Officer on (02) 8782 0300.