KARI Foundation believes that culture can drive change. As Aboriginal people, we know just how important it is to create a connection to one’s identity and country – we embrace it, knowing that together they form the foundations of belonging. While we are all on our own personal journey, a communal approach is needed to achieve this goal.

One objective of the KARI Foundations Cultural Unit’s is to ensure all children and young people in KARI Limited’s Out of Home Care program develop a strong connection to their culture and identity. The team develop comprehensive cultural care plans, offer robust mentoring opportunities and a range of cultural immersion activities to ensure we support the children and young people in this space to grow to be culturally strong, proud and resilient.

The core objective of the KARI Foundations Cultural Programming is to establish practices that are both socially and culturally inclusive for all to enjoy.  Our aim is to see a more reconciled Australia, so we offer a suite of program opportunities to strengthen relationships between Aboriginal peoples and non-Indigenous peoples whilst showcasing the excellence that exists both historically and presently in Aboriginal people and culture.