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Student Secures Early University Entry Thanks to Innovative SIM Card Program

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In an inspiring tale of determination and innovation, a young Aboriginal woman from the local community has overcome significant educational hurdles to gain early acceptance into a prestigious university law program. This achievement has been supported by the KARI Foundation’s collaboration with the Optus DYD Sim card program, which has…

KARI Foundation Makes a Splash with Gwonggubunga Swim Program

KARI Foundation Makes a Splash with Gwonggubunga Swim Program KARI Foundation recently wrapped up its much-anticipated Gwonggubunga Vacation Swim Program, held from the 26th to the 29th of September 2023, which has been met with waves of appreciation from both attendees and their families. The program was spread over four…

PRESS RELEASE: New Executive Appointments Announcement

KARI Foundation Accelerates Sustainable Growth with New Executive Appointments. 8th August 2023 The KARI Foundation is thrilled to announce its remarkable growth over the past two years, successfully expanding its reach across multiple states and significantly impacting First Nations businesses, people, and communities. Today, we are excited to unveil a…

KARI Transurban Aboriginal Driving School

Embarking on Success: The Inspiring Journey of KARI Transurban Aboriginal Driving School The KARI Transurban Aboriginal Driving School is making a big difference in the lives of Aboriginal youth. This program teaches them how to drive and offers support, helping them do well and become active members of their communities.…

Corporate NAIDOC Luncheon

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The KARI Foundation Corporate NAIDOC event presents an annual opportunity to invite our long term and new corporate partners (from a variety of industries) to attend a social and educative event in line with the years NAIDOC theme, this years’ being ‘Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!’. The event aims…