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KARI Limited is the largest Aboriginal Permanency Support Provider in Australia, supporting and case managing over 430 children and young people across NSW.

KARI successfully renewed its full accreditation status with the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian in 2019. Accreditation status is reviewed every five years.

Prior to October 2017, KARI Limited was solely funded to provide case management support to children and young people in out of home care.

Currently, KARI Limited is been funded to deliver the Permanency Support Program, a program that provides tailored services to vulnerable children so that they can grow up in stable, secure and loving homes.

The Permanency Support Program has three goals:

  1. Fewer entries into care – by keeping families together
  2. Shorter time in care – by returning children home
  3. A better care experience – by supporting children’s individual needs and their recovery from trauma

Under the Permanency Support Program, caseworkers work with a child and the people who love and care for that child, to identify the best permanency goal – and to attain that goal within two years.

There are several sub-programs that make up the collective KARI Permanency Support Program. These include:

Family Preservation


Out of Home Care

Family Preservation

KARI’s Family Preservation program works collaboratively with vulnerable Aboriginal families using a strengths-based approach to reduce risk and keep children safe and at home.


KARI’s Restoration Program supports Aboriginal families who have escalated through the child protection system to actively work towards reunification of children and young people to their parents.

Out of Home Care

Out of Home Care is more commonly known as foster care. KARI’s Out of Home Care program supports children and young people who are unable to live with their own families. Foster carers take on the responsibilities of a parent for a period, to provide a safe, nurturing and secure family environment for children and young people needing care.

KARI have developed a unique Out of Home Care model that provides individualised support to each child. Aboriginal culture plays a significant role and is at the forefront of the care and development of the children and young people we support.