KARI Singers

The KARI Singers are one of the most talented Aboriginal vocal performance groups.

 These vocalists pride themselves on sharing culture, providing professional and high-quality performances tailored to their audience.

 The group captivates audiences with their unique sound and performance style offering Indigenous songs as well as modern pieces with a cultural flare.

About Us

The KARI Singers are a group of exceptionally talented vocalists who take immense pride in sharing their cultural heritage through song and dance. Our performances are a unique blend of Indigenous songs and modern pieces, infused with a distinct cultural flair. We bring high-energy performances that captivate and inspire, leaving a lasting impression on our audiences.

Our Journey

Over the years, the KARI Singers have had the privilege of performing at numerous prestigious corporate and community events throughout New South Wales. We’ve shared the stage with some of Australia’s most beloved musical acts, including Delta Goodrem, Goanna, Yothu Yindi Project, Guy Sebastian, John Stevens, Dami Im, and many more. Our journey has taken us to incredible venues, such as the ICC, where we’ve opened conferences and provided cultural immersion through song, dance, and language.

Our Legacy at Iconic Venues

The KARI Singers have had the privilege of gracing some of Australia’s most iconic venues with our powerful performances. From the world-renowned Sydney Opera House to the electrifying atmosphere of the opening NRL Indigenous rounds and the Australia Day Live concert, our journey continues to unfold on grand stages.

Special Events

We’ve also been a significant part of special events that celebrate our culture and heritage:

  • NRL Indigenous Rounds: The KARI Singers are no strangers to the electrifying atmosphere of the NRL Indigenous rounds. We’ve added our energy and culture to these special sporting events, making the experience even more unforgettable for fans and players alike.
  • Australia Day Live Concert: We’ve had the privilege of being a part of the Australia Day Live concert, a celebration of our nation’s rich diversity and heritage. Our performances at this event have added a distinct cultural flavor to the festivities, making it a truly memorable occasion for all in attendance.
  • West Connex Opening: We had the incredible honour of performing at the opening of the West Connex, a momentous occasion that celebrated the connectivity and unity of our communities. The audience was captivated by the harmonious blend of traditional culture and contemporary music, creating a unique and evocative experience.