The KARI Singers are one of the most talented Aboriginal vocal performance groups. These vocalists pride themselves on sharing culture, providing professional and high-quality performances tailored to their audience. The group captivates audiences with their unique sound and performance style offering Indigenous songs as well as modern pieces with a cultural flare.

The KARI Singers have performed at many prestigious corporate and community events around NSW.

KARI Singers Performance Packages

Single Song Performance: $1500.00 (additional songs $500.00)
Our Single Song Performance package, starting at $1500.00, delivers a powerful, soulful performance that resonates with audiences. Feel the energy as you treat your guests to an unforgettable musical journey. And for those wanting an encore, additional songs can be added for just $500.00 each.

Unique Acknowledgement to Country Performance including Song: Priced at $2000.00. This package not only features an Acknowledgement to Country but also includes a song.

Tailored Performance Package:  Your event deserves a performance that aligns seamlessly with your vision. Our Tailored Performance Package offers a bespoke experience, curated to match your event’s theme, tone, and objectives. Let us collaborate with you to create a masterpiece that leaves a lasting impact. The price? We’ll work together to find the perfect fit.

Indigenous Commercial Compositions: Price on Negotiation Elevate your brand’s presence with the evocative power of Indigenous music. Our compositions are meticulously crafted to amplify your advertising and promotional efforts. Let the cultural richness of the KARI Singers resonate with your audience, and let’s negotiate a price for a package that catapults your brand into the spotlight.