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The KARI Foundation Belonging Brains Trust and KARI Leadership are annual programs designed to address an important, contemporary Australian challenge – Too few Aboriginal Leaders represented in leadership ranks in industry.

Australia cannot solve the problems of colonisation without Aboriginal representation at the helm. We offer an annual four-part program designed to fast-track our corporate-partner goals for driving and reporting on equity. 


A world-class leadership program for Aboriginal leaders, people who are already lifting up themselves and their communities from a range of industry sectors.

KARI Leadership has been running since 2015 and with a proven model for success. Participants include the Aboriginal leaders nominated by corporate-partners. Guests from partners people and culture, leadership development or diversity and inclusion teams are invited  to spend a day with this group workshopping workforce wellness for Aboriginal talent including attraction, recruitment and selection, onboarding, retaining, managing and developing and promoting talent.


A making a bigger difference project. 

Each year the Belonging Brains Trust will be invited to share in a project that brings solutions to Australian workplaces striving for equity. Right now, we are developing a library of stock photos to make it easier for every sales and marketing team to better represent Aboriginal people visually in typical workplace contexts. In 2022 KARI corporate partners will design and partake in the next project making a bigger difference.


A bi-monthly webinar series available to your staff.

Where we discuss  important topics such as the neuroscience of unconscious bias, conscious inclusion and showcasing high-achieving First Nations talent and success stories.


A unique just-in-time learning circle capped at 12 partners. 

The KARI Foundation Belonging Brains Trust includes your peers from non-competing industry sectors. We offer a series of four exclusive, round-tables throughout the calendar year. Leaders can sit with like-minded leaders in other sectors to discuss sustainable development goals and reporting, share success stories on developing and delivering on reconciliation action plans, strategise on highly successful First Nations Procurement operations and more. 

Attended by Aboriginal CEO’s. Facilitated quarterly to bring into focus important areas to drive equity reporting.

Diagram, Whats in the Circle?

The Time
is NOW

Australian business and businesses operating in Australia are ready to make a difference. They are writing their RAP’s and striving to drive increased equity for Aboriginal people and other groups who are battling the causes of inequity. Now they are ready to make a difference.

Contact Beau Champion on 0401 260 760 or email beau.champion@kari.org.au to get started.