Success Stories

“There are sad days, happy days, pulling your hair out days…but the rewards far outweigh the bad days. Since becoming a KARI carer, my life has changed for the better. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

– Lyn Townsend, KARI carer


“Being a carer has to be the most rewarding thing I have ever done, besides raising my own children. I feel privileged. I get to raise four beautiful, amazing, talented children who, at times, have challenging little personalities, as well as sometimes providing respite care for children in need. I get to love them, teach them as they grow and help them to learn about their culture. I have been a carer for almost eight years and I’ve been lucky enough to have children with me for almost all of that time. It’s been wonderful for me to have the children come into my heart and home as babies, and watch them grow into the awesome little people they are today. To see theirfaces light up every time they overcome a hurdle is the biggest reward any parent/carer could ask for. I have great support from my caseworker and the allied staff at KARI. I highly recommend to anyone to become a carer, it brings me the greatest joy.”

– Cassandra Stephenson, KARI carer


“I’ve been a carer for five years now and it is so rewarding! I love being able to provide the kids with a place where they know they will always feel safe. It’s really special seeing the smiles on their faces and the positive changes and developments they make. I treat all of the kids in my care like family – they are family and they’re included in everything that the family does. KARI has been a great support to me as carer. If I ever need anything or have any questions there’s always someone available to talk to. One of the best things about being a carer is seeing how you’ve made a direct impact on these kids’ lives, even over a short period of time. Becoming a KARI carer has definitely changed my life for the better.”

– Veronica Kinchella, KARI carer