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At KARI Leadership, we tailor our partnership engagement to deliver the best outcomes for program participants and corporate partners.

We’ll work with you to develop a tailored package that will meet your organisational needs – from developing your Reconciliation Action Plan to building strong relationships with a network of Aboriginal leaders and mentors across different sectors and industries.

Your support for KARI Leadership might include providing venues, catering, site tours and sponsoring places on the program.

Being involved in our launch and graduation events and placing one of your team on the program are just some of the ways your organisation can develop new networks and benefit from program outcomes.

The KARI Leadership program helped raise the profile of Aboriginal leaders at iCare and that’s an important goal for us. When people get injured, there can be barriers in their community stopping them from getting back to work and this can lead to a whole chain of financial and social problems. Having a
strong voice for those communities can influence policy and help vulnerable people get back to work.

Eugene MacGarrell, General Manager, Health & Community Engagement,

Supporting the KARI program has helped us in achieving our goals of investing in social justice and community engagement. Through our partnership I discovered how the program is empowering Aboriginal leaders to deal with the issues challenging their communities. It enabled me to make a successful business case to our Donations, Partnerships and Sponsorships committee at ISPT for a grant to support high school scholarships for Aboriginal youth.

Alicia Maynard, General Manager, Sustainability and Technical Services, ISPT
Super Property

As a KARI Leadership Partner, hearing stories from all these different leaders made it very real for me what we need to be doing as a business to create opportunities for our Indigenous communities and their future generations. It gave me an understanding of how this approach to leadership could us at Commonwealth Bank in moving forward with our commitment to giving back to communities.

Noel Prakash, National Manager Indigenous Banking, Commbank

Speak to:

Isabelle Phillips, Program Director on 0408 008 454 or

Cain Slater, Head of Marketing and Partnerships on 0499 984 909

to discover how you can support our Aboriginal leaders and communities towards positive change.