Provides an insight into the historical aspects of the Australian Governments past policies and practices that were enforced upon Aboriginal people post-colonisation and understanding how inter-generational experiences affect our communities today.

Single Module $1,500*

2 Module Package $2,500*

4 Module Package $4,500

Group Size of 10 Participants

*Price excludes GST


Module 1: Aboriginality

This module has been developed to increase participants knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal people, diversity and protocols.

Topics covered include:

• Pre colonisation and the resilience of Aboriginal people to adapt in order to survive and continue to practice the world’s oldest known and ongoing culture.

• Explanation of Acknowledgement and Welcome to Country protocols.

• Cultural diversity protocols to better equip those who work with Aboriginal communities, employees and clients.

Module 2: Traditional Tools, Weapons and Artefacts

This module has been developed to provide an insight on just how creative Aboriginal people are when it comes to the design and use of traditional tools, weapons and artefacts. Our Cultural Facilitators will provide detailed demonstrations and explanations on how and where certain tools and artefacts were used and how they are made. Most of the artefacts that will be displayed and used during this module have been hand crafted by the facilitator who will share his firsthand skills and knowledge with you.

Module 3: Impacts of Colonisation

This module gives participants an insight into historical aspects of the Australian Governments past policies and practices and a deeper understanding of how inter-generational trauma continues to effect Aboriginal people and communities today.

Topics covered include:

• Detailed accounts of the devastation colonisation had on Aboriginal culture, families and people.

• Impact of invasion, massacres, introduced disease and illness.

• Missions and Reserves

• The Stolen Generation

• Assimilation

Module 4: Culturally Safe Work Environment

This module is designed to assist and encourage all work and client based businesses to adopt and maintain a safe, welcoming and inclusive work environment.

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