KARI 2023 Scholarship Application Form (Queensland)

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The KARI Scholarship program is an education-based initiative for Aboriginal Year 10 students at selected high schools.

This initiative is delivered in partnership with individual high schools and provides all successful applicants with financial assistance to purchase school-related items. This is designed to ease the costs of studying and to provide career advice and support opportunities for Aboriginal students to complete their Higher School Certificate.

The KARI Scholarship offers financial assistance as well support and mentoring. Our Scholarship covers the cost of study such as buying uniforms, text books, stationary, school fees, excursions and more.

Our Scholarship students also have access to opportunities for support, mentoring, social and recreational initiatives. All Scholarship students will have the opportunity to attend KARI-related educational events such as workshops and forums.

When completing this application, please be as detailed in your answers as possible. This will assist KARI in supporting you throughout your school journey and beyond as you pursue further studies and career opportunities.

Please Note: This application must be submitted in full to be considered.