Transition to High School Backpack Initiative

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Making the transition from primary school to high school can be a daunting experience for both young people and families alike. The Community Programs Team within the KARI Foundation aim to make this transition a little easier with the assistance of the Transition to High School Backpack Initiative.

Currently servicing the Sydney Metropolitan areas, KARI Foundations Transition to High School Backpack Initiative provides Aboriginal young people commencing Year Seven with the resources needed to be equipped for all subjects. Not only does this reduce the financial strain on families, but it also means young people have the best opportunity to start their secondary schooling experience on the front foot.

The backpack itself features Aboriginal artwork so that young people can proudly represent their culture amongst their peers. Contents contained within the backpack include a matching pencil case housing all relevant stationary items, exercise books, visual arts diary, geometry sets, and a curriculum endorsed scientific calculator.

Distribution of backpacks generally happen in term four of the schooling year and in partnership with the Department of Education.