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KARI Leadership offers a diverse and effective learning experience for a competitive fee of $10,000. Payment in full is due prior to commencement of the program launch.

50% of all profits from the program are donated to KARI to support their OOHC and capacity building programs for Indigenous communities and families.

Fees include:

  • Launch and graduation events
  • Face-to-face workshops
  • Catering at all our workshops and events
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Tele-classes
  • Site visits
  • Student portal – additional learning materials and resources
  • Leadership assessment tools, personalised reporting and relevant industry comparison reports


The skills, ideas and reflections each program participant brings to the cohort are an essential part of the KARI Leadership learning experience. That’s why 100% attendance is expected throughout the program, for face-to-face learning and tele-classes.

For you and everyone on the program to gain the full benefit of all our learning opportunities, it’s important to commit to joining in at every stage.

Scholarships and sponsored places

If you’re looking for financial assistance to join the KARI Leadership Program, there are sponsored places and scholarships available. Please contact Isabelle Phillips Program Director 0408 008 454 or Cain Slater, Head of Marketing and Partnerships on 0499 984 909 for more information.