Blake Ralph

Blake Ralph is an industry professional and a talented Aboriginal singer/songwriter who has been singing and playing guitar from the age of 12.

Blake was a featured artist in the Schools Spectacular for 4 years and a graduate of the Talent Development Project.

Blake has since worked with many artists in the Australian music industry including Marcia Hines, Human Nature, Guy Sebastian and Diesel.

In 2004, alongside Wendy Tierney, Blake started the Aboriginal Vocal Identification Program which continues to help Aboriginal students develop their talents in the performing arts.

Blake is also a qualified studio engineer and producer who owns and runs a recording studio in South West Sydney.

Sarah Bertram

Sarah Bertram is a talented and professional singer/songwriter with over 15 years experience in the performing arts.

Sarah was involved in the Schools Spectacular as a featured artist from 2001-2005. She was also part of Bankstown’s Talent Advancement Program, alongside Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan and X-Factor contestant Jess Dunbar.

In 2008, Sarah began her journey as a vocal teacher and started Songbird Vocals where she continues to tutor and guide aspiring singers with one on one lessons at her studio.

2008 also saw Sarah join the Aboriginal Vocal Identification Program as a Director alongside Wendy Tierney and Blake Ralph. She uses her passion for music and past experiences in the industry to encourage and grow the talents of young Indigenous performers.

Wendy Tierney

Wendy Tierney has a career of over 40 years mentoring young people – working in the area of performing arts. In this role, she has nurtured, developed and showcased the talents of many young performers.

Wendy directed the East Hills Festival for over 25 years and has been a part of the Schools Spectacular Production since it began – 36 years ago. She has also been a consultant to the NSW Talent Development Project.

In 2002 Wendy was part of the team which established Bankstown’s Talent Advancement Program – a program that seeks to give opportunities for the students in the Bankstown area to develop and showcase their talents. Rising through the ranks of this program have been Paulini, Casey Donovan, Jess Dunbar and countless other performers who are currently working in the entertainment industry.

In 2004, with the support of the Department of Education and KARI, Wendy joined with talented Aboriginal singer songwriter Blake Ralph to form the Aboriginal Vocal Identification Program for Aboriginal students in South Western Sydney – another highly successful program encouraging young people in performing arts.