The Aboriginal Intensive Family Preservation program’s success is based on the following core principles:

Voluntary Participation

Taking part in the program is voluntary, empowering families to accept responsibility for the decision-making process in their lives.

Strength-based Approach

The program recognises, fosters and builds on people’s existing capacities and competencies within their family. It offers a strength-based approach to encourage motivation and achieve long-term change.

Child Centered

A child-centred approach means the focus is targeted on the outcomes for the children.

Family Focused

While the services provided are child-focused, they also seek to support parents and families to further develop their ability to nurture their children. The services also offer flexibility and are tailored to the individual needs of each family.

Integrated Service Delivery

All families who take part in the program can access several different support services in the one place. This promotes efficient service provision, while reducing the complexity of numerous service providers for the family.