KARI offers the following to support our carers:

Dedicated Caseworker

All KARI carers will be assigned a caseworker to offer you support and guidance on any given placement. In addition, they’ll visit you a minimum of once a month to ensure the child’s needs are met while in your care, as well as supporting you in your important role as carer.


KARI ensures that its carers have the opportunity to participate in ongoing training programs. We have a Training and Support Officer who works directly with our carers to tailor individualised training opportunities to meet their needs. We facilitate several in-house training programs, specifically Triple P, Behaviour Management, Life Story Work Scrapbooking and an online training subscription.

In addition, we also support all training opportunities provided by peak bodies who facilitate training sessions all over NSW.

Fortnightly Allowance

All carers will be provided with a fortnightly allowance, scaled with regard to the age of the young people in care and the level of care they require. This is to help cover the costs involved with providing quality care for the child in your care. Paid per child, the allowance does not count towards your taxable income. This means that it will not affect your tax or earnings if you are working.

24-hour Support

KARI has a 24-hour phone support service, therefore should a crisis arise, you won’t have to manage it alone.

KARI Cultural Unit

All KARI carers have access to the KARI Foundation Cultural Unit, which offers ongoing cultural support.

KARI Clinic

All KARI carers have access to the KARI Clinic, which provides multidisciplinary therapeutic interventions.