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KARI’s Indigenous Leaving Care Program supports Indigenous young people in care from the age of 15.

KARI’s Leaving Care Program assists young people in their transition to independent living arrangements.

Once a young person in care turns 15 years of age, our Leaving Care Program team assigns them a caseworker. The young person, their carer and their assigned caseworker will work together to develop an individualised Leaving Care Plan; designed to outline the necessary actions for a successful transition. Both the young person and their carer should each have a copy once it is completed.

What is a Leaving Care Plan?

The Leaving Care Plan takes into account the following aspects of the young person’s journey to independence:

  • A safe place to live, whether remaining with their carer, returning to their birth family or organising an independent living situation
  • Access to further education and training, thereby strengthening their employment options going forward
  • Employment and income support, assisting them with financial stability on the way to achieving self-sufficiency
  • Independent living skills, including financial management and aspects such as health and lifestyle
  • Personal history, including the young person’s cultural background
  • Contact details
  • Cooperative agencies and persons responsible for actioning each part of the plan through to its fruition

A young person preparing to transition from an out-of-home care arrangement has a variety of options to consider. In many ways, transitioning to independence can be daunting. However, KARI’s Leaving Care Plan is designed to be a central document to help maintain the young person’s focus on their objectives. In addition, the ongoing support of foster carers and caseworkers help ease the pressure on the young person at the centre of the plan itself.

KARI’s Leaving Care Program caseworker will consult the young person and their foster carer about any potential ongoing support needs they may have. In the event that the young person does require ongoing support, the Leaving Care Program caseworker will advise them about how best to access the relevant information and services available to them. Carers and young people should both receive a copy of the Leaving Care Plan.